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author of romance: futuristic, vampire, time-travel and suspense.


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This is where it all started. My first short story was published by Short Stories Magazine and has only been read by a select view who purchase the magazine in its original paper formClick here to enjoy.

Last Stop: Planet Battean , shown first at  Short Stories Magazine

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Wolfman, shown first at  Short Stories Magazine

Although long known as Wolfman on his radio show, Halloween proves to be the perfect night to learn Alex's true colors. The role-playing of a wolf proves more realistic than he imagined possible.

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To Wish For SomeoneTo Wish For Someone
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Eternity's Scottish HeroEternity's Scottish Hero
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To Wish For LoveTo Wish For Love
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To Wish For HopeTo Wish For Hope
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To Wish for PeaceTo Wish for Peace
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